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Castle Rock Insurance offers several business insurance options to protect your venture and livilihood.

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You built your business with passion, dedication, time, commitment, determination and a financial investment. With the sheer amount of work, time and resources you put into your business, the knowledge that a single event can reduce everything to smoldering ruins is quite sobering. A Castle Pines business insurance policy from an independent agency is exactly what you and your locally-based business need to keep your doors open and a great deal of your concerns at bay. Castle Rock Insurance is well-versed in finding a wide variety of insurance policies that are perfectly tailored to fit customer needs and their businesses.

Understanding General Liability Insurance

Just as there are different industries and different types of businesses, there are also several different types of insurance you may need for your Castle Rock company. One of the main types of coverage that’s common to nearly all manner of businesses is liability insurance. With Castle Rock business liability insurance you:

•    Are protected in the event someone is hurt while on your commercial property
•    Don’t have to worry about the cost of a legal defense, settlement or award if your company is sued (although there is a chance your policy may not be enough to cover an especially hefty suit)
•    Receive tenant protection in case you cause damage to the commercial property you’re currently renting
•    Are protected from legal claims of misleading marketing/advertising (which includes copyright infringement, libel and slander)

If there are any liabilities unique to your specific industry, be sure to discuss them with your Castle Rock Insurance agent in order that you know beyond a doubt that your Castle Rock business liability insurance is actually able to offer you the protection it’s supposed to when you need it most.

Workers Compensation

If you have employees, your business insurance quote should include workers’ compensation in addition to business liability and any other insurance policies you might need added. Even though workers’ compensation is required in nearly every state, it’s still comforting for employees to know they’re working for a company that values their overall physical and financial well-being. You can take that security to the next level by having insurance that fully covers your team and any injuries they might sustain while on the job rather than have insurance that only partially protects them.

Specific areas commonly covered by workers comp include:

•    Injuries or loss of limbs that occur while at work
•    Medical treatment
•    Rehabilitation in order that employees can return to work
•    Lost wages
•    Death
•    Lawsuits filed by injured employees

Know that you likely won’t be bound to carry workers compensation if you have fewer than five employees. The overall risk of the occupation also plays a part in how much compensation you need. For instance, someone working in an administrative office likely won’t need as much coverage as an individual who handles hazardous chemicals.

Going Independent

Just as there are independent businesses, there are also independent insurance carriers, like Castle Rock Insurance. What this means is any liability insurance quote you receive isn’t going to be offered by a single provider. We have the freedom to offer our customers policies from a number of different companies, exponentially increasing the chances of them finding the perfect plan rather than having to settle for one that’s “close enough.” Just as you don’t take half measures when it comes to providing your customers with the best products and services, we don’t offer our customers policies pocked with holes or overinflated costs.

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