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While it’s true that it’s important to have insurance protection for your home, it’s even more important that you have a quality insurance policy designed for your particular home and lifestyle. Castle Rock Insurance is an independent Castle Rock and Castle Pines home insurance provider, and we have connections and industry knowledge not common to exclusive insurance companies. We aren’t limited by the policies of a single company, which means you’re more likely to find the industry’s best policy rather than a single company’s best policy, which may not necessarily be a prime policy for you. Let our agents welcome you home to all-inclusive protection for your residence and everything in it.

The Importance of Quality Home Coverage

We all try to do everything possible to keep up with the condition of our homes, from performing routine maintenance to enlisting the aid of reputable contractors to build and remodel our properties. Despite our efforts, there are some situations for which there is simply no accounting. Some of the most common homeowners insurance claims include:

•    Water damage
•    Residential fires
•    Accidents caused by visitors
•    Damage caused by strong storms and winds
•    Animal bites

Even with this knowledge, there’s still no way of knowing if or when any of the above incidents will befall you, or how extensive/expensive the damage will be. With the help of an independent insurance agent, you won’t have to compromise on having a plan that has you covered from every angle rather than one that only covers the most common incidents.

Because not every Castle Pines homeowner has the same property or the same liabilities, not every homeowner will be satisfied with a standard policy. We’re here to sit down with you and discuss the unique design of your home, the value of your home’s items and any other concerns you might have regarding your coverage. Rest assured that we won’t be satisfied until you and your property are prepared for anything that comes your way. Anything.

The Importance of Personalized Coverage

We recommend that you not settle for a standard Castle Rock home insurance policy. You don’t want to find out too late that the policy you purchased from an exclusive agent barely protects one of your largest investments. Specifically, your coverage plan should be enough to take care of the entire structure of your home from the ground up. Rather than guessing how much your home’s structure will cost to rebuild or going by the amount you originally paid for the home, it’s better to have it professionally appraised for the exact amount.

Homeowners should also determine the current value of their most prized, essential and expensive belongings in their home. Any items of especially high value, such as fur jackets, artwork or jewelry, should be protected with a rider to your insurance policy. Home insurance quotes should also account for any accidents that might occur on your property, such as a slip-and-fall or a dog bite. Such liability coverage should be enough to take care of any medical bills that result from an accident as well as potential legal costs.

Depending on how much of a down payment you make when buying your home and your mortgage lender, you may be required to have Colorado home insurance. Rather than simply go with the policy your lender provides, it’s much better for your home and finances to let us find the perfect policy for you.

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