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Colorado Springs, CO Insurance Quotes

Secure your Colorado Springs lifestyle with Castle Rock Insurance. Customized home, auto & renters policies tailored to fit your unique needs.

Nestled in Colorado’s heart, Colorado Springs showcases diverse neighborhoods, each contributing to the city’s vibrant character. The opulent Broadmoor area contrasts with Old Colorado City’s historical charm, while Northgate represents modern living near the United States Air Force Academy. The secluded Black Forest provides a tranquil retreat, whereas Briargate offers contemporary amenities, and Patty Jewett fosters a sense of community.

Castle Rock Insurance, an independent broker in Colorado Springs, specializes in crafting insurance solutions tailored to the distinct lifestyles across these neighborhoods. Partnering with esteemed carriers like Bristol West, Liberty Mutual, and Berkshire Hathaway Guard, the agency ensures comprehensive coverage that resonates with the community’s varied needs. From luxurious estates in the Broadmoor to family-oriented homes in Wolf Ranch and downtown apartments, Castle Rock Insurance personalizes policies to each neighborhood’s unique attributes.

Covering a wide range of Colorado Springs’ zip codes, Castle Rock Insurance is dedicated to providing insightful, compassionate guidance in selecting insurance policies that offer peace of mind. This commitment, coupled with a diverse carrier selection and outstanding service, positions Castle Rock Insurance as a vital community resource. By safeguarding homes, possessions, and vehicles, the agency enables residents to embrace the dynamic lifestyles of Colorado Springs’ diverse and lively neighborhoods fully.

How Much Does Insurance Cost In Colorado Springs?

Below are generalized insurance cost estimates for various living situations in different neighborhoods of Fort Collins, Colorado. Please note that actual insurance rates can vary based on multiple factors including the property’s value, type of dwelling, neighborhood crime rates, proximity to natural disaster-prone areas, specific coverage options chosen, individual’s credit score, and claims history.

  1. Old Town Fort Collins – Historic Single-Family Home
    • Homeowners Insurance: Approximately $1,200 – $1,500 annually. Historic homes may have higher premiums due to the cost of specialized repairs.
  2. Harmony Crossing – New Single-Family Home
    • Homeowners Insurance: Around $900 – $1,100 annually. Newer homes in well-rated neighborhoods typically enjoy lower insurance costs due to modern building standards.
  3. Campus West – Condominium
    • Homeowners Insurance: Approximately $600 – $800 annually. Condos may have lower insurance rates due to the condominium association’s master policy covering the exterior and common areas.
  4. City Park Area – Older Single-Family Home
    • Homeowners Insurance: Estimated $1,100 – $1,400 annually. Older homes can have higher insurance costs, but this area’s stability and desirability might offset increases.
  5. Rigden Farm – Townhouse
    • Homeowners Insurance: Around $500 – $700 annually. Townhouses often have lower premiums due to shared walls reducing construction costs.
  6. Fossil Lake – Luxury Single-Family Home
    • Homeowners Insurance: Approximately $1,500 – $2,500 annually. High-value homes incur higher premiums due to the increased cost to repair or replace.
  7. Prospect/Shields – Rental Property
    • Renters Insurance: About $15 – $25 per month. Renters insurance typically covers personal property and liability but is generally affordable.
  8. Maple Hill – Newer Single-Family Home
    • Homeowners Insurance: Estimated $950 – $1,150 annually. Being in a newer development can lower insurance costs due to modern safety features and building codes.
  9. Timberline – Auto Insurance
    • Auto Insurance: Around $100 – $150 per month. Factors include the vehicle’s value, driver’s history, and specific coverage options.
  10. Drake Road – Apartment Rental
    • Renters Insurance: Approximately $12 – $20 per month. Apartments in areas with good security features and low crime rates can expect lower renters insurance costs.


Given the variability and complexity of insurance factors, the best approach to obtaining precise and tailored insurance quotes is to consult with a local expert. We recommend reaching out to a Colorado-based independent insurance broker, such as Castle Rock Insurance, who can provide personalized service and accurate quotes by considering the unique aspects of your property and situation.

Get an Insurance Quotes to Stay Protected Colorado Springs?

As a local independent insurance broker in Fort Collins, Castle Rock Insurance is well-equipped to offer a variety of discounts that cater to the unique needs of its clientele. Their offerings include reductions for installing home security systems, bundling multiple insurance policies, and incorporating anti-theft devices. These discounts not only make insurance more affordable but also encourage proactive safety measures. For individuals and families seeking tailored insurance solutions with the benefit of local expertise, Castle Rock Insurance stands out.

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