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Drone & UAV Insurance in Colorado | Costs & Policies

Commercial drone (UAV) operators in Colorado, like their counterparts in many regions, face distinct risks and liabilities, making specific insurance coverage essential to protect against potential losses. With the growing use of drones in various sectors such as agriculture, real estate, and aerial photography, comprehensive insurance coverage has become increasingly critical. These industries rely heavily on drones for tasks ranging from crop monitoring to property inspections and capturing stunning aerial views, highlighting the importance of proper insurance.

Liability insurance is the most crucial type for drone operators. It protects against claims resulting from bodily injuries or property damage caused by drone operations. While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not mandate liability insurance for drone operations, it’s highly recommended to safeguard against lawsuits and claims. Coverage limits can vary significantly based on the operator’s specific needs, but a typical policy might offer $1 million in coverage. For industries like real estate, where drones are used to create promotional videos and aerial tours, liability insurance is a vital safeguard.

In addition to liability insurance, there are other important types of coverage to consider. Hull insurance covers physical damage to the drone itself, similar to auto insurance for cars, and is particularly wise for high-cost drones used in commercial settings. Payload insurance covers damage to equipment the drone carries, such as cameras and sensors, which are essential for operations like agricultural monitoring and environmental surveys. Personal and advertising injury insurance covers risks related to privacy invasion or copyright infringement that might occur during drone operations. Non-owned drone insurance provides liability coverage for rented or borrowed drones, ensuring that all aspects of the operation are protected. Working with an insurance provider knowledgeable in UAV operations is advisable to tailor a policy that meets specific needs and complies with both federal and local regulations.

How Much Does Drone Insurance Cost in Colorado?

The costs of drone insurance in Colorado can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of coverage, the value of the drone and its payload, the operator’s experience, and the nature of the drone operations. Here are estimated costs and hypothetical scenarios for each type of insurance a commercial drone operator might need:

Liability Insurance

  • Estimated Cost: $500 – $2,000 annually for $1 million in coverage.
  • Scenario: A drone accidentally crashes into a parked car while filming a commercial property, causing significant damage. The liability insurance would cover the repair costs of the damaged vehicle.

Hull Insurance

  • Estimated Cost: 5-10% of the drone’s value annually.
  • Scenario: A $10,000 drone crashes due to a sudden wind gust during a survey of agricultural land, resulting in total loss. Hull insurance would cover the replacement of the drone.

Payload Insurance

  • Estimated Cost: 8-10% of the payload’s value annually.
  • Scenario: The camera and sensory equipment worth $15,000 mounted on a drone are damaged when the drone veers off course and lands in a lake. Payload insurance would cover the cost of replacing the equipment.

Personal and Advertising Injury Insurance

  • Estimated Cost: $300 – $1,500 annually, depending on coverage limits.
  • Scenario: A drone captures footage of a private event without consent, leading to a lawsuit for invasion of privacy. This insurance would help cover legal fees and any settlement costs.

Non-owned Drone Insurance

  • Estimated Cost: Varies based on the number of drones and coverage limits, but typically $750 – $2,500 annually.
  • Scenario: A freelance pilot flying a rented drone for your business accidentally crashes it into a structure, causing damage. Non-owned drone insurance would cover the damages and liability associated with the incident.


These costs are estimates and can fluctuate based on the specifics of each operator’s situation, including claims history, geographical area of operation, and the extent of coverage desired.

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Explore our comprehensive guide to understanding drone insurance costs in Colorado for UAV pilots. Get insights and coverage options today!

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