Colorado Boating & Watercraft Insurance

Castle Rock Insurance offers full boating & marine insurance coverage.

What is Boating Insurance?

Boating insurance, often called hull insurance, protects boats and other watercraft against a variety of risks. Coverage varies by policy according to factors such as the type of watercraft and the proportion of the year in which the boat will be used. Many policies have both a property and liability component. The property component often protects the watercraft as well as the equipment and accessories on board in the case of accident, theft, sinking, and damage resulting from fire and natural disasters, such as storms. Liability coverage applies in the case of injuries sustained on the boat or injuries caused to others. Damage to other vessels or structures also falls into the category of boating insurance.

Is Boating Popular in Colorado?

Yes, boating is a very popular hobby in Colorado despite the state being landlocked! With its many lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, Colorado offers many opportunities for recreational boating and a number of other water sports, like kayaking and rafting. The primary boating season spans from May to October, though there are places where boating is offered year-round. Boats and other equipment can be rented from many of the marinas and boatable lakes throughout the state.   

What is Boating Insurance?

Boating insurance is not required by law in the state of Colorado, though it is highly recommended. Lenders may require those financing boats or other watercraft to purchase insurance until the loan is paid in full. Some marinas also require those storing their boats to purchase boat insurance, and others require that the marina be included as an additional insured on the policy in order to reduce their liability. In the case that you own a watercraft, having boating insurance is always recommended to better protect you and your watercraft. There are several kinds of policies, and they are often customizable with add-on options to meet your needs.  

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