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Insurnace Products

You spend several weeks, possibly months or even years, finding the perfect home and going through the extensive process of becoming a homeowner. While securing Castle Rock insurance for your new home is part of the process, it’s much more than that. Your home insurance plan is intended to protect the financial, emotional and mental investment you made in your home. Not only that, but we also want to protect everything your home represents to you and your family. Even if you already have a home policy, we’d be glad to look over it with you to make sure it offers airtight protection.

Yet another must-have insurance policy, your auto insurance should be tailored according to:

  • How much you drive your vehicle
  • Your specific address in Castle Pines or Castle Rock
  • How far you drive in your vehicle
  • The safety measures on your vehicle
  • Whether there’s any special equipment on your vehicle, such as custom accessories, rims and stereos

Just like with your home insurance policy, it’s a good idea to have your current auto insurance policy reviewed by your agent to account for any recent changes you may have made in your life.

No one likes to think about their death, but it’s a fact of life that requires significant consideration for both those who have a family and those who are unmarried and/or don’t have children. Dependents, spouses, debts and funeral costs all need to be taken care of, and the right life insurance policy can make the transition easier for everyone involved. Allow one of our agents to get a solid idea of your lifestyle and where you see your life going in the future in order that we can find and create a life insurance policy that always meets the most current demands of your life.

After becoming a homeowner, the second most common aspiration people share is to become a business owner. Once you’ve hashed out your business plan, have found the perfect geographical location or online home, be sure you protect your hard work with the right commercial insurance plan. No matter which industry in which you operate or how large or small your business is, you absolutely have to have a viable business liability plan. Without one, your business can crumble easier than a sandcastle in a typhoon.

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The Difference Between Independent Insurance Agents and Exclusive Insurance Agents

Just as there are different kinds of insurance policies, there are also different kinds of insurance agents. When you go to an exclusive agent for Castle Pines insurance, you’ll be dealing with someone who:

  • Has been given an office, administrative staff, continuing industry training and a financial bonus to bring in customers
  • Can only offer you an insurance quote from a single company
  • Either earns a salary or a commission based on sales

Should you decide to check out your insurance options with an independent agent, you’ll be working alongside an individual who:

  • Works out of his or her own personal office
  • Has the ability to offer you multiple quotes from multiple insurance providers
  • Can comparison shop for you to ensure you get the best price for your policy
  • Is likely to get you a better deal if you need casualty or commercial insurance, because independent agents make up roughly 80 percent of the specific market
  • Earns renewal commissions

Both captive and independent agents are required to be licensed in the state in which they sell insurance. Not only that, but they are also required by law to be licensed to sell a specific type of insurance, such as life, auto or commercial.

While you’re more than welcome to explore both types of insurance agents, many clients prefer the added advantage that comes with choosing an independent agent. Independent insurance agents aren’t biased or temped to skew the facts in order to show they have the lowest rates and best coverage when the exact opposite is the truth. Non-exclusive agents are focused on hunting down the perfect policy that matches your needs as well as your budget, and they’re willing to work hard to ensure you’re always pleased with your policy in order to keep you on as a satisfied customer.

We Live Where You Do

Another reason to let us handle your insurance needs is that we live right here in beautiful Castle Rock and Castle Pines with you. We know and understand the unique requirements your home, auto or business policy might need because of the Colorado climate, and we also have a better idea of how to specially tailor the life insurance of a resident of beautiful Castle Rock and Castle Pines. While we’re proud to be based in one of Money magazine’s best small cities to live, we know disaster can strike no matter where you live and no matter who you are. With our extensive experience, rock-solid dedication to customer service and connections to various insurance companies, our goal is to ensure our customers never have need to worry about how well protected their homes, automobiles, businesses and legacies are.

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