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Castle Rock Insurance is a true independent brokerage.  We work with multiple carriers to give you the best rate and insurance coverage available to keep your family, business, assets and livelihood safe and protected. 

Our Insurance Products

The experienced brokers of Castle Rock Insurance offer full coverage options not only for your automobile, home, business and life.  We also offer full specialty insurance coverage such as umbrella coverage products and more!

Never worry about repairs when someone runs a red light

Protect your home against fires, break ins and accidents

Live life freely without a worrying for what might happen next. 

Don’t leave your family unprotected

Never be afraid of a contractual error will ruin your business

Make your business safe from any consequences of a mistake. 

Castle Rock Insurance is an independent brokerage that offers economical and affordable coverage.

About Us

The experienced brokers of Castle Rock Insurance are here to clear the cobwebs of confusion and help make sure you have quality insurance plans for your home, automobile, life and business. What makes our services unique is we’re a Colorado independent insurance broker, which means we aren’t obligated to tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear just to gain your business.

Captive Insurance Agents vs. Independent Brokers

The difference between captive insurance agents and outside independent brokers.

Just as there are different kinds of insurance policies, there are also different kinds of insurance agents. When you go to an captive agent you’ll be dealing with someone who:


  • Has been given an office, administrative staff, continuing industry training and a financial bonus to bring in customers
  • Can only offer you an insurance quote from a single company
  • Either earns a salary or a commission based on sales
The difference between captive insurance agents and outside independent brokers.

Should you decide to check out your insurance options with an independent broker, you’ll be working alongside an individual who:


  • Works out of his or her own personal office
  • Has the ability to offer you multiple quotes from multiple insurance providers
  • Can comparison shop for you to ensure you get the best price for your policy
  • Is likely to get you a better deal if you need casualty or commercial insurance, because independent agents make up roughly 80 percent of the specific market
  • Earns renewal commissions

Both captive and independent agents are required to be licensed in the state in which they sell insurance. Not only that, but they are also required by law to be licensed to sell a specific type of insurance, such as life, auto or commercial.

While you’re more than welcome to explore both types of insurance agents, many clients prefer the added advantage that comes with choosing an independent broker. Independent insurance agents aren’t biased or tempted to skew the facts in order to show they have the lowest rates and best coverage when the exact opposite is the truth. Non-exclusive insurance brokers are focused on hunting down the perfect policy that matches your needs as well as your budget, and they’re willing to work hard to ensure you’re always pleased with your policy in order to keep you on as a satisfied customer.

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“I just moved to Colorado and was terrified with some of the research I did on my own about the rates out here compared to the Midwest. John worked diligently and got me set up with an Auto and Renters policy through Travelers and it ended up being almost identical to what I was paying before. I strongly recommend working with The Brokerage Insurance Group because they have a wealth of knowledge about what will work best for people in any situation and have great customer service.”


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