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Colorado Auto Dealer Insurance

If you own a car dealership then you have lots of equipment, assets and employees you need to protect.  Castle Rock Insurance offers full protection for auto dealerships.

Colorado Commercial Auto Dealer Insurance

As Castle Rock Insurance, a trusted insurance broker in Colorado, we specialize in providing comprehensive auto dealer insurance solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of dealerships. We understand the importance of protecting your dealership and its valuable inventory. Here’s how we can assist you in securing the right coverage for your Colorado-based auto dealership:

Extensive Coverage Options: We offer a wide range of coverage options, including collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage, to safeguard your dealership and its vehicles. Our policies go beyond traditional auto insurance by addressing the specific risks faced by dealerships, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Inventory Protection: Our auto dealer insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your inventory. We understand the importance of protecting your vehicles against accidents, theft, vandalism, and other perils. With our coverage, you can rest assured knowing that your inventory is financially protected, allowing you to focus on serving your customers.

Property and Equipment Coverage: We offer specialized coverage for your dealership’s physical property, including the dealership building, office spaces, equipment, car parts, and tools. In the event of fire, natural disasters, or other covered perils, our policies help cover repair or replacement costs, ensuring the continuity of your business operations.

Business Operations Coverage: We understand that dealerships face unique operational risks. Our auto dealer insurance includes coverage options such as business interruption insurance, which provides compensation for lost income and ongoing expenses if your dealership is temporarily unable to operate due to a covered event. We also offer protection against losses resulting from employee dishonesty, giving you peace of mind.

Expert Guidance and Customized Solutions: As your dedicated insurance broker, we provide expert guidance and tailor-made solutions to meet your dealership’s specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals will assess your risks and customize an insurance plan that offers the right coverage and protection for your Colorado-based auto dealership.

Access to Multiple Insurance Providers: As an independent insurance broker, we have access to a wide network of reputable insurance providers in Colorado. We leverage these relationships to obtain multiple quotes, ensuring that you have a range of options to choose from. This allows you to compare coverage, terms, and pricing, enabling you to make an informed decision.

At Castle Rock Insurance, we are committed to providing exceptional service and comprehensive coverage for your auto dealership in Colorado. Our expertise in dealership insurance, knowledge of the local market, and understanding of the state’s regulations and requirements make us the ideal partner for your insurance needs. Contact us today to discuss your auto dealer insurance requirements and let us customize a solution that protects your dealership and its assets.

How Many Auto Dealers are in Colorado?

There were about 709 franchised new car and truck dealerships throughout the state of Colorado in 2021 according to the National Automobile Dealers Association. The auto industry contributes greatly to the economy in Colorado, providing jobs to thousands of people and generating billions in economic activity by selling vehicles as well as offering financing, maintenance, and repair services.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many dealerships to operate at reduced capacity or close temporarily. As many dealerships continue to reopen, some have adapted, now selling online or offering home delivery options. Auto dealers continue to have a significant role in Colorado’s economy and in its transportation infrastructure.

Is Auto Dealer Insurance required in Colorado?

Yes. In the state of Colorado, auto dealerships are required to operate in compliance with specific licensing and regulatory obligations established by the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR), specifically the Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer Board. These requirements are designed to ensure consumer protection, promote fair business practices, and uphold compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

To legally sell vehicles in Colorado, auto dealerships must obtain a motor vehicle dealer license from the CDOR. This involves fulfilling certain criteria, such as submitting a comprehensive application, providing evidence of a valid business location, demonstrating financial responsibility, and successfully passing background checks. Moreover, dealerships are expected to adhere to specific regulations governing vehicle sales, advertising practices, title transfers, and safeguarding consumer rights.

By acquiring the requisite licenses and diligently adhering to the regulatory framework, auto dealerships in Colorado can operate lawfully and offer their services to customers across the state. Remaining informed about any updates or modifications to the licensing and regulatory requirements is crucial to ensure continuous compliance with Colorado’s legal obligations.

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