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Paperless Billing Insurance Discount

Castle Rock Insurance offers insurance discounts for policy holders who elect for paperless billing.

Paperless Billing Insurance Discounts


In Colorado, a paperless insurance discount refers to a reduction in insurance premiums offered by insurance carriers to policyholders who opt for electronic delivery of their policy documents and communications instead of receiving them in traditional paper format. This discount is designed to encourage policyholders to embrace digital communication methods, promoting environmental sustainability and cost savings for insurance companies.

By choosing paperless communication, policyholders in Colorado receive their insurance policy documents, renewal notices, billing statements, and other important communications through electronic channels such as email or online portals. As an incentive for going paperless, insurance companies extend a discount on the policy premium.

The specific discount percentage may vary depending on the insurance company and policy terms. On average, policyholders can expect a discount ranging from 5% to 10% of the premium. It’s important to note that the paperless insurance discount is separate from other potential discounts based on factors such as coverage type, claims history, or policy bundling.

Opting for paperless communication offers numerous benefits to policyholders in Colorado. It provides convenience and efficiency by granting easy access to insurance documents and essential information digitally, saving time and reducing paper clutter. Furthermore, it contributes to environmental preservation by minimizing paper usage and waste.

To determine if your insurance carrier in Colorado offers a paperless insurance discount and to learn about the specific terms and requirements contact Castle Rock Insurance for more information.  We can provide you with comprehensive details on how to enroll in paperless communication and how it will impact your insurance premium.

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